Content Statistics Demo

In this page you can see demos of all the graphic modules types to construct your statistic reports with. You can set a page like this in your own site, choosing each and every module you want and setting all the parameters, and where the data sets come from. Endless possibilities!

Column chart (4 data series)
Column chart (stacked)
Stepped area chart (stacked)
Line chart (smooth)
Stepped area chart (unconnected steps, 1 data serie)
Area chart (1 data serie)
Map chart (world)
"Top" list
Pie chart
Column chart (stacked, 4 data series)
Line chart (smooth)
Area chart, multiple data sets (custom colors)
Stepped area chart, stacked, unconnected steps (custom colors)

Current article popularity evolution over the last 2 weeks

This is an interactive graphic created with SVG and HTML5 (place your mouse over the points)

Content Statistics Examples

Content Statistics example: Total article views in this site (last 2 months)

This line graph is built using the brand new Google Charts API, using SVG and HTML5 graphics, compatible with all browsers, including iPad, iPhone... Interactive graphic: place your mouse over the points!

Content Statistics Example: Zoo page view per category (column stacked)

We use the comparison module to compare Zoo page view per cateogory (using a stacked column chart)

Content Statistics Example: Virtuemart evolution comparison

We use the comparison module to compare VirtueMart item sales!

Music Collection

Music Management System for Joomla!

Content Statistics

Graphic Statistics, Web Analytics & Activity Logs for any Joomla Extensions

Invoice Manager

Invoice Creator, Payment collector and Manager System

Expense Manager

Personal & Business Expense Tracking System for Joomla!

Affiliate Tracker

Affiliate Tracking, Traffic Logs and Commissions for Joomla!

Calendar Planner

Events Manager and Visual Calendars for Joomla!

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