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Sharing and Social network Bookmarking PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 20:40

Starting on Music Collection 2.0, now you can share your music content on your social network sites, like Facebook or Twitter or any other site that allows bookmarking and sharing.

Two different bookmarking systems are included on Music Collection 2.0, and it is easy to add new ones. The Music Collection standard bookmarking system shows a collection of bookmark icons to share your content:

You can choose also the famous "Add This" bookmarking system, a highly extended system that includes virtually every social network between its options, and is fully multilingual and integrated into your site.

Just click on the share button on your album, song or artist page, and choose the social network where you want to share this content. You'll see a list of most used sites

choose yours, or find it using the search facility:

There are HUNDREDS of possible sites to share. Start typing the site's name and the options will automaticly show up:

For sites such as Facebook, the sharing options are richer: Music Collection will automaticaly provide the page title, description (description metatag, that can be different for every album) and a thumbnail of the album or artist to make the sharing experience even richer!

cool, huh? and artist thumbnail will also be shared if you you bookmark an artist! look:

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