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SEO tools included for better indexation on search engines PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 22 February 2010 17:01

Music Collection is Search Engine Friendly and provides tools to make your site easily indexable by Google and other Search engines.

The Search Engine Optimization tools are divided into two different features:

Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs

A non-SEF URL in Music Collection looks like this: 

But this is not human readable, and Search Engines, such as Google, do not like this. Lukely for you, the URLs in Music Collection can be SEF. This is achieved thanks to three different plugins:

  1. Built-in Joomla SEF engine router: The component comes out-of-the-box with an script that allows the built-in Joomla SEF engine to process the URLs of Music Collection component so they look nice and human readable. This feature does not need configuration of any kind, and does not need any external (third party) extension to work, it works right away with your basic Joomla system. Using this option, the same URL we showed you above would look like this:

  2. SEF plugin for Artio JomSEF: JomSEF, by Artio, is one of the most used and reliable SEF extensions for Joomla. If you use this solution, there's a good new for you here: Music Collection has its own extension package for JomSEF, so it integrates perfectly into it, and your Music Collection URLs will look fantastic:

  3. SEF plugin for sh404SEF: sh404SEF is probably the most used SEF extension for Joomla. It allows both .htaccess and non-.htaccess modes, and it works with third party plugins. Well, of course, Music Collection has its own plugin for sh404SEF, so if you use it, your URLs will look like this:

Different Keywords and Description MetaTags for each item

Search engines really like different meta content for different pages. For this purpose, now you can add your personalized keywords and description metatags into each album or artist, making it unique and more interesting and easily indexed by Google

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