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Community Builder and JomSocial integration PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 16 February 2010 17:44

Music Collection 2 comes with two brand new features on its Community editions (both Standard and Professional) to integrate with Community Builder and JomSocial, the most used Community and Social networking tools for Joomla

Community Builder

Music Collection 2 integrates with Community builder through a new user plugin, called "My albums". This plugin is displayed on CB user's profile page, just as any other CB plugin does. It shows the albums added by that specific user, with a set of highly configurable filter tools that will allow anybody to filter those albums by artist, format, type or tag, and sort them by addition date (both ascendant and descendant), album's chornology or alphabeticaly.

This plugin is highly configurable, so you'll be able to show only those filter that you really need. Also, a very useful pagination feature is included to split albums in different pages.

If the viewer of the user profile is actually the owner of that profile, two additional buttons will be shown (if desired) for quickly accessing to Add new album and Add new artist pages.

Check out the Community Builder DEMO user profile page on our site, with the plugin ON.


JomSocial integration works in two ways:

  1. A new plugin, called "My albums", is provided. This plugin is a JomSocial Application plugin. Each user can choose to show it or not on its profile. This plugin does pretty much the same than the Community Builder plugin, but inside JomSocial: it lets you display your albums inside your profile, on a new profile and a new independant page. You can filter albums by artist, format, type or tag, and sort them by addition date (both ascendant and descendant), album's chornology or alphabeticaly.
  2. Music Collection Community editions come with an extra JomSocial integration feature, that can be optionally turned ON: A notifications feature. This will make all relevant actions taken on Music Collection to be displayed on JomSocial's board, such as...: (the words in bold represent links to user's page, album's page, artist page, song page or playlist page)
    • User added new album AlbumName by ArtistName
    • User added new artist ArtistName
    • User1 rated User2's album/song/artist/playlist ItemName with 3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5
    • User1 commented on User2's album/song/artist/playlist ItemName

Check out the JomSocial DEMO page on our site, with the plugin ON. To activate the 'My albums' app, you must go to Applications -> Browse tab on JomSocial, and intall My Albums app on your profile page

Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 February 2010 17:51

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